Charles Dufranc “Ayiti” Painting

Charles Dufranc
Acrylic on Canvas
20″ X 16″


Charles Dufranc Born in Jeremie, Haiti October, 1949. After grade school, he moved with his parents to Port-au-Prince. After briefly attempting sculpture, he soon switched to painting. Dufranc paints a wide variety of subjects. He is most agile in cubistic style and his scenic paintings are quite sought after. Influences upon his paintings include both the French and African cultures along with the religious ones of vodoun and Christianity both of which are found in Haiti. As a youth, his father taught him to carve wood and to sculpt. Dufranc began serious study at the Academy of Fine Art in Haiti. He began showing his paintings publicly in 1973. International exhibitions took him to prestigious galleries in France, Germany , the US, Santo Domingo, Canada and Costa Rica. One of his works is in the permanent collection of the International Salon for Naïve Painting in Paris. He has had much success in Venezuela where his paintings sell consistently and have been collected by ambassadors. He has had various exhibitions in his own country, as well as in the United States and Venezuela. He is very popular in France and his work is shown in major galleries and exhibitions there.

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