Jean Claude Legagneur (Fabric Seller) – Sold

Jean Claude Legagneur
Acrylic on Canvas
30″ X 30″
Fabric Seller


Original Haitian art painting for collecting and home or office decoration.

Signed:   Jean Claude Legagneur

Subject:  Fabric Seller

Provenance:  Purchased from artist

Size: 30″ X 30″ – Acrylic on canvas

Physical Condition: Excellent

Jean-Claude legagneurart presents himself, today, as a painter who has a predilection clearly marked by figurative art. A characteristic that is found nearly throughout all his work, although already very important, is far from being finished.

The importance of this work is the fruit of our judgment. But it is also translated by a simple observation: legagneurart is a painter of profession, and this must be understood as belief in the value of hard work and permanent effort.
The canvases of Jean-Claude legagneurart put aside integrated aesthetics, are sought-after for the feeling of marvelous pleasure that they procure to our look. In this recreated universe, all shapes, all objects are represented, all hues, including the brightest ones, are used. The way that he organizes his canvas, the suggested relation between shade and light, the technique of distribution of colors and deterioration of the nuances confers to its canvases sweetness, harmony, serenity and especially an elegance that recalls the big classics.

His obvious preference for human figures does not however limit his style and future development. His most recent creations have been revealing a new stage of his art. This new style produces oversized portraits that capture human expressions at their best. A self-developed style of painting which, at times, combines a nuance of Impressionism, Pop Art and Abstractionism.

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 32 × 4 × 4 in


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