Jean Claude Legagneur Painting, Fabric seller

Fabric seller “Marchande de tissus”
Size: 30″ X 40″
Acrylic on Canvas


Jean Claude legagneur put aside integrated aesthetics, are sought-after for the feeling of marvelous pleasure that they procure to our look. In this recreated universe, all shapes, all objects are represented, all hues, including the brightest ones, are used. The way that he organizes his canvas, the suggested relation between shade and light, the technique of distribution of colors and deterioration of the nuances confers to its canvases sweetness, harmony, serenity and especially an elegance that recalls the big classics.

Art Instruction School – Chicago, Illinois.
Brooklyn Museum – New York.
Art Student League – New York, New York.
American Airlines Admirals Clubs, Miami International Airport, Florida.
Museum Casa de Bastidas, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Museum of the Vatican.
Museum of Mupana, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.
Toussaint Louverture, International Airport, Haiti.
Office of the Prime Minister, Bourdon, Haiti.
Actor Danny Glover, USA.

Jean Claude Legagneur EXHIBITIONS
Auction in Paris at Drouot. Individual show at akiba’s Gallery in Miami, Florida.
Individual show at Nikki’s beach club in South Beach, Miami, Florida. Participate in an Auction held by Senator Bob Graham for the Linkage Foundation in Miami, Florida.
One man show at Madiana, Martinique. Individual show at the Museum Casa de Bastidas in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Individual show at Casa de Campo, Dominican Republic. Participates in an Auction at the Fanjul’s held by Sothebys and Christies at Casa de Campo.
One man show at Tina’s Gallery in Washington D.C., Collective exhibit at the Marwood Mansion together with Ernie Barnes and Paul Goodnight.
Individual show at the Museum Casa de Bastidas in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.
Collective shows in the fine Arts Center of Maracaibo, Venezuela. One piece is donated to the Mexican embassy and sold at auction to raise funds for UNESCO in Mexico. Another piece is donated to the St. Pierre Museum in Washington D.C. and sold at auction to benefit the St. Pierre School.
joint exhibit with painter Lyonel Laurenceau in Fort Lauderdale, Florida at Galerie Nader. participate in the international Art Show in Tokyo, Japan.



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